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Drafting Certification


Credential: Certificate

The purpose of our Drafting Certificate program is to provide more than basic Architectural and Mechanical Drafting Skills. Our students will receive the skills to create complete Residential Construction, Survey, and Mechanical / Machine drawings. Subjects include drafting practices, and CAD software. Students are taught by a professional General Draftsman who has over 39 years drafting experience.


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General Discussion / Re: Mr. Davis's 4th period class Quiz
« Last post by bojones on December 06, 2019, 11:21:29 AM »
I have learned a lot from the online drafting school courses. there are many things a person can learn from these courses. i have had the ability to learn a lot of these great things like: certain commands, adding layers, electrical. at the very beginning i learned how to draft by hand, which was helpful in the long run. a few days later i started on the auto-cad its pretty easy and self explanatory but i still had some to learn from these lessons even though sometimes it doesn't explain enough and you just have to figure out yourself.
General Discussion / Mr. Davis's 4th period class Quiz
« Last post by Tim on December 06, 2019, 11:04:29 AM »
Explain what you've learned so far in brief.
I've learned more than I did last year in the architecture career. I've been more focused or interested into the field now that I've learned many commands in the Cad program. If I use this program for a few years I should know how to build houses probably. i know how to center my drawing and lay out the floor plan. The commands I have mostly used are fillet, offset, trim, insert, p-edit.
I've learned plenty, from the very basics of drafting to the foundations of drafting. What the difference between drafting jobs is, which one's pay better, where drafting is a good place to work, the difference between a freelance and an office worker. I've learned the basics of AUTOCAD, how to use it, how to make it do what I want. I've learned how some drawings can get me some money, how I can use my talent to not only benefit my self, but also help others with there ideas, how to make it an reality. We've learned how to sell plans, how we can profit of our hard work as a draftsmen. We've learned how to make electrical and foundation plans, we've even learned about steel plans, it's been 1 quarter of the year, and if we keep working hard, we can at the end of the year be industry ready draftsmen.

Brayden Hyde
4th period
Nevin Farmer
i have learned how to draw the basic outline of the house. i can insert doors, windows different appliances and the inside layout of the house. i can draw/insert the electric layout and there connections. i know how to do dimensions i can do the foundation plan alongside the elevations for the house. i can now do the view's for the house make multiple layers and you taught me the commands. 4th period
General Discussion / Re: How much have you learned from the House Plan Drafting Courses
« Last post by Trevor on November 05, 2019, 11:30:35 AM »
In this class this year I have learned many new things such as a more in depth grasp on how to use auto cad. All of the commands that we have used are new to me in the past 2 years of having this class we never did anything on the computers like the floor plans we are doing. I had never used auto cad before only solid works. -Trevor Merriott 4th period
I have learned the basic outlines and drawing on autocad. I've started putting in windows and my next step is doors. I just learned how to put the outlets in the walls every 6 feet along the walls. I started using the template to guide me and filling in the inner parts of the house like electrical plan and the measurements. DraftingBoard guided me and showed me the guidelines how to use the software. I've also learned how to use some of the commands on the software but im still learning most of them.
General Discussion / Re: How much have you learned from the House Plan Drafting Courses
« Last post by bojones on November 05, 2019, 11:25:12 AM »
i have learned many things from this website called draftingschool.net i can contribute practically all of my autocad skills to this amazing website it really. is a drafting school per say the courses are a little vague but it helps you figure it out yourself its just so good for. i have learned how to do floor plans and i am starting to learn electrical.

Bo Jones period 4
General Discussion / How much have you learned from the House Plan Drafting Courses
« Last post by Tim on November 05, 2019, 11:11:14 AM »
In 60 words or more, tell me what you think you've learned using the House Plan Drafting courses please. This counts as a grade...
CAD Resources / Re: AutoCAD 14 in Windows 7
« Last post by Tim on September 05, 2019, 06:37:58 AM »
Bumping the thread.
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