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Title: Site Plan Drafting Course Access
Post by: Tim on September 17, 2014, 12:31:23 PM

*Site Plan Lessons - Beginning (;sa=page;p=33)
*Site Plan Lessons - The Lot (;sa=page;p=34)
*Site Plan Lessons - Size and Scale (;sa=page;p=35)
*Site Plan Lessons - Drawing the Plan (;sa=page;p=36)
*Site Plan Lessons - Labels, Notes, and Coordinates (;sa=page;p=37)

These are the links to various CAD programs. I recommend Draftsight because it is a true AutoCAD Clone.
Draftsight is a registered trademark of Dassault Systèmes (
General CADD is a registered trademark of General CADD Products, Inc. (
CadStd is a trademark of Apperson & Daughters (

When submitting drawings to me for grading, please save them in PDF format and not send DWG files. ref:

Below are the downloads needed to complete this course:
Title: Reference Site Plan Material From Different Municipalities
Post by: Tim on October 17, 2015, 10:07:15 AM
Certain municipalities require complexity in a site plan, some do not. Below are a few examples of a few cities requirements. It would do you well to study these and familiarize yourself with those differences.

Site Plan tutorial from LA, Calif. (.PDF) (
Charleston SC site plan tutorial (
South Carolina Zoning Site Plans. (
Burlington Virginia Site Plan Requirements (
Title: Re: CAD Command Videos for your reference
Post by: Tim on October 17, 2015, 10:21:12 AM