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Drafting Certification


Credential: Certificate

The purpose of our Drafting Certificate program is to provide more than basic Architectural and Mechanical Drafting Skills. Our students will receive the skills to create complete Residential Construction, Survey, and Mechanical / Machine drawings. Subjects include drafting practices, and CAD software. Students are taught by a professional General Draftsman who has over 39 years drafting experience.


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Welcome To Site Plan Drafting 101

Downloads for the course are located in the opening thread.

Before you draw any site plan, there must be some research. If I were completing a site plan for a client, I would first ask them if they had a deed or plat of their property. If yes, then a majority of the research work is complete. If not, I would go to the court house and search for a deed or plat. If I only found a deed then I would get a copy of the tax map for the property to give me an idea of the geometry of the land. In the case of our client no survey was actually available and this is the premise we will be using in this course.

Once I acquired the tax map and deed (the deed would have the coordinates of the property lines) I would then call the local utility company to find out where all the utilities are located around this property. Below is a list of my research.


Subdivision and Lot: Lot #45, Washington Subdivision, Someplace County, Anywhere, Virginia

Property Owners:Mr. and Mrs. Mallard ~ 1955 McGee Street ~ Anywhere, Virginia 12345

The Coordinates to the Property are: Beginning at the south west corner of the property go North 21degrees 51 minutes 40 seconds East direction (N 21d51'40" E) 80 feet, thence go South 68 degree 8 minutes 20 seconds East (S 68d8'20" E) 100 feet, thence go South 21 degrees 51 minutes 40 seconds West (S 21d51'40" W) 80 feet, thence go North 68 degrees 8 minutes 20 seconds West (N 68d8'20" W) 100 feet to the point of beginning.

Setbacks: Front = 30 feet ~ Side = 10 feet ~ Rear = 20 feet

Street Frontage is on McGee Street: Right of Way is 50 feet ~ McGee Street is 22 feet wide.

Utilities for the Subdivision: Water Line is 6 inch steel and runs 8 feet off the property line in the right of way of McGee Street. ~ Electrical Power will come from a power pole 4 feet from the northern most property corner of our lot. ~ The Sewer Line is in the middle of the right of way of McGee Street.

Clients Wish List: The client has asked that we show a couple of Bradford Pear trees in the front yard along with a few shrubs along the walkway. In the back yard they want an apple tree.

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