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Title: Plumbing Isometric Drawings
Post by: Tim on March 07, 2015, 11:59:08 AM
 Plumbing Isometric Drawings


Lesson 1 - Opening Page (;sa=page;p=54)
Lesson 2 - Using the Floor Plan as a Reference (;sa=page;p=55)
Lesson 3 - Preparing the Drawing (;sa=page;p=56)
Lesson 4 - Drawing the Waste Isometric (;sa=page;p=57)
Lesson 5 - Drawing the Supply Line Isometric (;sa=page;p=58)
Lesson 6 - Valves (;sa=page;p=59)
Lesson 7 - Making Notes, Labeling, and Arranging the Sheet   (;sa=page;p=60)

The attachments below are the various drawings and symbols needed to complete the course... You'll be told when you need these in the lessons.

When submitting drawings to me for grading, please save them in PDF format and not send DWG files. ref:
Title: Re: For your reference, Basic CAD Command Videos
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